About Golden, Colorado

One who finds him or herself in Golden, Colorado is a lucky person. One who finds him or herself living in Golden, Colorado has truly hit the jackpot!

Nestled between the foothills on the west, and two grand mesas on the east, Golden is protected from the hustle and bustle of the city-yet it’s only 20 minutes from downtown Denver and Boulder! It’s also perfectly situated for quick escapes into the Rockies and beyond.

The physical beauty and mild climate are outstanding in Golden-but the real quality of life comes from its small-town feel and true sense of community. One time capitol of the Colorado Territory in 1862, Golden City as it was then called is deeply rooted in our states’ history. Mining was the true catalyst to Golden’s growth, and this led to the nationally acclaimed Colorado School of Mines.

The turn of the century charm is easily found today in Golden’s downtown, which offers fine dining and shopping. Golden is also home to the world famous Coors Brewery, which is perched on the banks of beautiful Clear Creek. Other local attractions which shouldn’t be missed include a top-rated golf course called Fossil Trace, and water park, a top-notch community/ recreation center, a first class kayak park, and prime gaming in historic Central City and Blackhawk.

Many things about Golden continue the gold rush of interesting people and businesses to the area. One thing is for sure; you’ll come and try your luck for a visit but end up staying forever with amazing good fortune!

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